The Soft Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC) material that we use has a wide range of applications and its insulating and thermal qualities are well known together with its long-term flexibility. However, with special additives it is adapted to be used in other applications enabling food contact, antistatic, antibacterial, anti-insect, anti UV – Welding and Fire Retardant. It is also available in a wide range of colours. The full technical data for the PVC can be found here  and our full range of PVC Strips together with indicative availability can be found here

Refrigeration doors: Standard v Polar grade material

Polar grade material remains flexible at temperatures as low as -40ºC which makes the material ideal for use in cold stores, cold rooms and temperature controlled transportation, indeed anywhere that conservation of cold air is important. The polar grade PVC strip is available in both flat and ribbed extrusion. Where such extreme temperatures are not apparent for example in Chilled rather than Frozen Environments Standard Grade PVC material can be used.

A note about Ribbed PVC Strip

The unique raised ribbing on both sides of the PVC strip face gives greater durability and improved strength, thus enabling the PVC to withstand repeated impact from heavy traffic such as forklift trucks.

The ribbed material increases the energy saving properties of the PVC strip by giving an interlocking effect when the strips are overlapped, and also helps prevent scratching of the PVC face, therefore retaining the clarity of the PVC longer.

The ribbed material is compatible with most types of strip curtain suspension systems and is most commonly used with the stainless steel ‘hook-on’ system.

Welding grade material

Welding grade PVC strips “screen out” all of the hazardous UV and near UV rays associated with welding.

The welding grade material has all the qualities of the standard grade, except that the colour and light transmission properties have been altered for welding applications.

Sparks generated during welding will not ignite as the PVC does not support combustion, and due to its thickness sparks will not burn through, they simply deflect away.


Hanging Systems

There are 2 main hanging systems that we use

Stainless Steel – Hook On

The “hook on” system has stood the test of time, is utilised throughout industry and is suitable for most applications. It can accommodate various uses, weights and widths of PVC using differing specification and thicknesses of Stainless Steel.

The suspension rails can be mounted alongside each other together depending on the width of curtain required andcan be soffit or facia fitted The PVC strips are hooked on using stainless steel platesets which clamp the PVC with rivets at the top.

The strips can be overlapped to create any of the patterns below, to suit differing traffic and weather conditions, and can easily be removed in better weather when more ventilation is required and then moved back into position when more insulation is required.

The PVC strips have rounded edges making them pedestrian friendly and once hung, only require minimal maintenance. Just an occasional clean with a detergent solution removes any dirt or grime and returns the strips to their original clarity.

{Photos of rail platesets and finished article.}

Hook On System with Sliding Rail

  • A combination of a smooth rail with our hook-on system. Allows openings to be made clear for periodic workflows.
  • One or Two -Way opening on single or multiple rails.
  • Can be mounted internally or externally


Chiller Blinds patented (TPE) Three Part Extrusion

This special triple extrusion profile was developed and designed by Chiller Blinds in response to retailers concerns about chiller cabinet efficiency. It clamps PVC strips and can be adapted to fit nearly all chiller cabinets, deli-counters and multi-deck refrigerators to optimise thermal and use efficiency. In addition, it can be used for lighter use curtains for personnel traffic and dust separation areas.

{Photos of extrusion and finished article}



Room divider

Physical separation of work areas; working stations, manufacturing areas, workshops, warehouses etc.


  • Lower heating/ cooling costs
  • Fully retractable – can be removed and reinstalled
  • Separate area totally visible.
  • Extends natural daylight to the separated area.

Antistatic Curtain

Electronics Workshops, Data Centres, Server rooms, Pharmaceutical, Grain Silos, Flour Mill and Timber Industry


  • Electronically charged dust does not still to the surface of the antistatic strip
  • Avoids static charging causing dust explosion


Hospitals, Private Surgeries, Pharmaceutical Factories, Laboratories, Food Industry


  • Ensures sprout and bacteria free environment by preventing entry of contamination and bacteria
  • Reduces health risks and increases work safety.
  • Protects against 99.99% of illness causing pathogenic bacteria, mould and fungi.

Anti-insect Curtain

Catering and Food Industry


  • Stops contamination or insects entering food production or packaging areas.
  • Special strip type applicable, yellow colour with lemon scent to repel insects.
  • 35-50% Energy Savings.
  • Handsfree access through openings.

Welding screen (Eye protection)

The purpose of a welding curtain or screen is to protect passers-by and nearby workers who aren’t involved in the process from the welding arc light and levels of UV. This protection is usually achieved by using curtains or screens to ensure that work can go on as effectively as possible without disrupting others on site or in the workshop.

Most our screens are made of ‘semi-transparent’ PVC. These semi-transparent screens allow you to see enough to know that someone is welding, but the material filters out the harmful parts of the light. If there isn’t a need to see the person welding or for screening in between welding bays, darker or opaque screens and curtains can be used.


  • Can be installed into fixed or mobile frames (Galvanised framework)
  • Replacement parts can easily be installed.
  • Can be butted at 90° to form flexible sized booths
  • Choice of Colours Red, Green, Bronze or Matt Dark Green
  • DIN EN 1598 Available

Cold storage areas

Cold storage gates, cold room doors, cellar doors and interior room dividers.


  • Energy efficiency stopping passing of cooled air to warmer areas.
  • Unrestricted access to personnel and forklift traffic.
  • “Low Tech” … ”Low Maintenance”
  • Appropriate for freezer rooms to -40°C
  • Permits hands free access.
  • Food Safe


Heavy duty and personnel traffic curtains for doorways and gates in industrial halls and warehouses.


  • Energy savings 35-50%. Maintains internal:external temperature differences
  • Permits full forklift access
  • Colour Strip perimeter for safety
  • Creates barrier to unwanted bird access
  • Durable , Hygienic and easy to Clean and Maintain
  • Helps control and reduce noise travel

Machine Separation

Separation of production lines or individual machines


  • Prevents deviation from precision settings because of temperature differences.
  • Noise reduction.
  • Protects against spark and/or particle egress.
  • Prevent dust particle ingress.

Refrigerated Vehicles

Refrigerated vehicle rear and side door openings


  • Prevents escape of chilled air (with associated reduction in fuel costs)
  • Can be combined with double sliding rail option for high/stacked pallet loading.
  • Freezer Standard available to -40°C


Retail refrigeration – display cabinet efficiency

Refrigerated display cabinets and Deli counters


  • Maintains Chiller temperature to meet Food health safety Standards
  • Reduce Energy costs by as much as 50% (Cabinet and ambient efficiency)
  • Maintain / Extend life of Cabinets.
  • Customer Visibility of Products maintained
  • Customer access to products maintained
  • Easily retrofitted by retailer with no tools required.
  • Ease of stocking maintained with unique clip-on design.
  • Option to have strips fixed with only upper rail leaving lower section to hang free.

In addition to chiller blinds we also offer a full range of night blinds


Room Dividers




Cold Storage