Retail Refrigeration Solutions (Chiller Blinds)

Cold air is kept inside the cabinet whilst allowing customers to see and retrieve products. Money is saved by lessening the load on the electrical compressor that lowers the air temperature. Typically, 40% electricity is saved. Food is kept safely within legal temperatures. Pilferage is reduced, consistent, optimum air flow is maintained, food wastage is reduced.


















PVC Strip Curtains

Large, heavy duty, individually hanging PVC strips suspended from a purpose-built metal hanger to form a protective shield. Easily put up and taken down for cleaning or replacement. People and vehicles can pass through. Full sight of oncoming traffic is assured. Payback is typically after the first winter.


















PVC Sheets

A full range of PVC sheets are available in different widths thicknesses and finishing’s depending on application and can been seen here.

PVC Sheet widths 1000mm – 2200mm

PVC Thicknesses 1mm – 7mm

PVC Roll Length 20m

  • Swing Doors
  • Industrial PVC Signs
  • Workbench and racking protection