PVC Strip Curtain Hanging Systems

There are two Hanging Systems available for use with PVC Strip Curtains and Sheets.

Stainless Steel – Hook On

The “hook on” system has stood the test of time, is utilised throughout industry and is suitable for most applications. It can accommodate various uses, weights and widths of PVC using differing specification and thicknesses of Stainless Steel.

The suspension rails can be mounted alongside each other together depending on the width of curtain required and can be soffit or facia fitted The PVC strips are hooked on using stainless steel platesets which clamp the PVC with rivets at the top.

The strips can be overlapped to create any of the patterns below, to suit differing traffic and weather conditions, and can easily be removed in better weather when more ventilation is required and then moved back into position when more insulation is required.

The PVC strips have rounded edges making them pedestrian friendly and once hung, only require minimal maintenance. Just an occasional clean with a detergent solution removes any dirt or grime and returns the strips to their original clarity.

Hook On System with Sliding Rail

• A combination of a smooth rail with our hook-on system. Allows openings to be made clear for periodic workflows.
• One or Two -Way opening on single or multiple rails.
• Can be mounted internally or externally


Chiller Blinds patented (TPE) Three Part Extrusion

This special triple extrusion profile was developed and designed by Chiller Blinds in response to retailers concerns about chiller cabinet efficiency. It clamps PVC strips and can be adapted to fit nearly all chiller cabinets, deli-counters and multi-deck refrigerators to optimise thermal and use efficiency. In addition, it can be used for lighter use curtains for personnel traffic and dust separation areas