Welding Screens & Curtains

The purpose of a welding curtain or screen is to protect passers-by and nearby workers who aren’t involved in the process from the welding arc light and levels of UV. This protection is usually achieved by using curtains or screens to ensure that work can go on as effectively as possible without disrupting others on site or in the workshop.

Most our screens are made of ‘semi-transparent’ PVC. These semi-transparent screens allow you to see enough to know that someone is welding, but the material filters out the harmful parts of the light. If there isn’t a need to see the person welding or for screening in between welding bays, darker or opaque screens and curtains can be used.


  • Can be installed into fixed or mobile frames (Galvanised framework)
  • Replacement parts can easily be installed.
  • Can be butted at 90° to form flexible sized booths
  • Choice of Colours Red, Green, Bronze or Matt Dark Green
  • DIN EN 1598 Available

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Welding Curtains & Screens

Welding grade PVC strips “screen out” all of the hazardous UV and near UV rays associated with welding.

The welding grade material has all the qualities of the standard grade, except that the colour and light transmission properties have been altered for welding applications.

Sparks generated during welding will not ignite as the PVC does not support combustion, and due to its thickness sparks will not burn through, they simply deflect away.

Ordering Information

All of our PVC Strip Products are custom made to measure to meet your specific requirements. Please contact us to discuss your requirements.


Most of our production/manufacturing is bespoke and “just in time” and as such we always try to ensure that goods are capable of being shipped within 24Hrs utilising a next day delivery service. At busy times this may not be possible and if your order is time sensitive, please discuss your requirements with us and we will try to oblige wherever possible.